Jon Lemon???

Hey. i'm jenna and you can really call me Jenna bc that's my name. I like the beatles and the colour green obvi. I like a bunch of other shit too and feel free to chat bc I am a major chatterbox. ok ilu byeeEEE!

How do my bangs look idk y’all like my hair????

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I’m gonna cut my bangs omg

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church: follow jesus
me: does he follow back?
me: promo 4 promo?
Favourite lyric not from a John song?

"Please don’t put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band who’ll throw it all away"

It’s from Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis

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Don't say goodbye

I’m better I’m starting to float back down to Earth that was just really bad I’m pretty ashamed.

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listen to the new John lennon cd you got? Put a movie on? what is it that's your fault?

I’m having a really bad high right now and I just want to be alone and like not exist so bye

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Hey guys, I decided to do a giveaway.

There will be 5 winners:

winner 1 will get:

  • With The Beatles original 1963 vinyl
  • Atom Heart Mother original 1970 vinyl, Italian press
  • Bob Dylan at Budokan original 1979 vinyl

winner 2 will get:

  • I Want To Hold Your Hand/This Boy original 1963 Parlophone single
  • From Me To You/Thank You Girl original 1963 Parlophone single

winner 3 will get:

  • November Rolling Stone issue with Paul McCartney on the cover
  • GQ with John Lennon on the cover

winner 4 will get an H&M Beatles t-shirt (size s)

winner 5 will get:

  • Paul McCartney Live Kisses (DVD)
  • Paul McCartney’s Memory Almost Full Deluxe Edition, with 3 bonus tracks and a DVD
  • Paul McCartney’s Flaming Pie CD

to win you just have to

  1. follow me
  2. reblog this as many times as you want (likes don’t count)

Winners will be announced on the 13th of May, I’ll ship worldwide.

good luck :)


clearly he has a girlfriend


clearly he has a girlfriend

anything that could take your mind off?

No I’m like hyperventilating I feel so disgusting and I’m scared and it’s all my faulr

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what happened?

It’s all my fault idk I’m really paranoid right now and I’m really not good

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